First Restaurant Review Video

Today I spent half day playing around with different WordPress theme on my new blog, Dressed With Pepper. And I spent another half day making my first restaurant review video! Making video on iMovie is actually not as hard as I thought it would be.

I’m feeling a little shy putting the video up. Have you ever tried to record yourself talking? How come your voice always sounds so funny when you hear it yourself?

Not to mention I have this really weird accent that I can’t get rid of….. I just hope people can understand me.

Phewww…. it was a lot of work. I will try to make the Chinese version tomorrow.

Please take a look at the new layout:

What do you think of the new theme?

And about the video. I made the video just to test it out. So what do you think of the videos? Do you like it? Do you think it enhance the review? Or do you think it’s unnecessary?

Thank you all so much in advance for helping me build a better blog!😀

Hey Can I Tell You A Secret?

Shhhhhh…… Don’t tell anyone yet.

So this is the new project I’ve been working on. I am still in the prep process. And I would LOVE to get your suggestions and ideas.

My new blog is called Dressed with Pepper. I haven’t posted any blog entry yet. But today I posted an “about” page, in which I got to be a narcissist and wrote all about me, me and me.

You can read the page here:

And if you can read Chinese, here is the Chinese version:

I know it’s ambitious, but I am planning to write my new blog in both English and Chinese… with more stories, photos, and videos. YES! VIDEOS!

I’m so excited about this new project!! So what do ya’ll think?

Poor Teddy Had Anaphylactic Shock from Vaccine

We had a very scary and stressful weekend. On Sunday morning, we took our dogs Teddy and Twinkle to get their yearly DHP+parvo vaccine. After that, we almost lost Teddy.

After getting their vaccination, we took them to the dog park. Teddy vomited in the car right after. Then when we let him out of the car, he had diarrhea. Normally he gets so excited at the dog park. He likes to run around and play with every dog. But that day, he couldn’t even walk. He just laid down on the grass, and showed no interest in playing. Twinkle, on the other hand, was absolutely normal and very playful.

Seeing Teddy acting weird, we immediately took them home. Soon after we got home, Teddy throw up again. I called the vaccine clinic and informed them the symptoms. The lady just told me that it sounds like normal vaccine reaction. But if I’m truly worried, I can take him to go see a doctor. Then Teddy threw up 6 more times after that within 30 minutes. Not only that, he started breathing rapidly, and his gum was turning pale.

We knew we had to take him to the hospital right away. Our normal vet is not open on Sunday, so we took him to an emergency animal hospital. When we got there, they didn’t even have to time to have us fill out the paperwork first. They immediately took Teddy back to start treatment right away.  Continue reading

Japanese Mushroom and Tofu Rice Bowl

Japanese Mushroom and Tofu Rice Bowl
Japanese Mushroom and Tofu Rice Bowl

I was trying to clean my fridge. I found beech mushroom, green beans, and tofu in the fridge. I thought I could use those to make a Japanese style rice bowl inspired from oyakodon. Mushroom would be the substitute for chicken, tofu will be the substitute for eggs, and green beans will add color and crunch. Wish I had onion at home, and that would be even better. Continue reading