New to Vegan

I had been thinking about the idea of going vegetarian for the longest times. I’ve actually tried a couple times for a few days at a time. But I always fell for the temptation of my mom’s stewed pork and started eating meat again.

Then I saw this video:

I don’t think I can ever eat pork again!

I love animals. I love animals so much that after graduating college with a psychology degree, I went back to school again and got a registered veterinary technician degree just so I can learn more about animals.

I love my dogs and cats, and will NEVER in a million years thinking about eating them. So what is the difference between dogs cats and cows pigs?

When we see a piece of meat on our dinner plate, we disassociate it with the actual animal. I guess that’s why we give meat names like beef and pork instead of cow and pig. But on that day I saw the video of that cute little piglet jumping in the water to save his friend, I made the connection.

I decide to go vegan for compassion. And all the health benefits of going vegan that I read about will be a nice bonus.

I am Taiwanese, and cannot live without Asian food. This blog will be a record of my vegan journey, as well as my collections of vegan Asian recipes, food, and restaurant reviews.

Are you a vegan? Are you new to vegan just like me? Are you thinking about going vegan? I would really appreciate it if you will introduce yourself so I can get to know you and have more vegan friends.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


49 thoughts on “New to Vegan

  1. I have not tried going vegan yet, but I am working on being a vegetarian. I am also Asian and it is really hard to be vegetarian or vegan with an Asian culture. My best advice is to eat homemade food because it is easier to control and less tempting than eating out. There are very few Asian restaurants that have vegan meals. You will be lucky if you can get vegetarian meal.

  2. Thanks for checking out our blog – you may find a few vegan ideas on asian food there too! We love Maifun =)
    Good luck – and your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it…

  3. I heard that you are planning for a pregnancy? If so please be mindful to consume a balanced diet rich in both iron and protein – vegan diet can be difficult in that regard.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.
      It warms my heart to know that you care about me. 🙂
      I’ve been reading about vegan and pregnancy.
      There are many vegan women who had healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.
      As long as I consume a balance diet with proper supplements, I think it should be ok.

  4. The video made me cry. It makes me feel good about myself that I do not contribute to the suffering of thousands of pigs and all other animals all over the world. I have been vegan for almost three years and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. For all animals, cheers!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I became a vegan about a year and a half ago, and it has been great for my health. And it is very much possible to be both a foodie and a vegan. An extremely good book to read is “The China Study”, by T. Colin Campbell, who has done research in the relationship between nutrition and health for many years. I’d be happy to provide information to help you on this journey.

    1. Thank you so much for being supportive. 🙂
      I heard about The China Study from the film Forks Over Knives.
      I am going to my library to get the book this week.
      Thank you for the recommendation.

  6. That video is too precious. I am vegetarian, not vegan, but I find that when you are vegetarian you end up eating vegan much of the time without even trying. One thing about being veg*n is that you will get better at cooking since it is harder to rely on convenience foods.

    1. Yup, I definitely cook more now than before.
      I love trying to convert my previous favorite meat dish into vegan version.
      It’s actually quite easy to cook Asian vegan dishes because there is no dairy in Asian recipes.
      Just in a few weeks, I think I already got a little better in cooking. Woohoo~~~~

    1. Thank you, Sarina! I’m so glad I made the switch. And I found the vegan community very kind and supportive. Really happy that I am not eating cruelty free yummy food.

  7. Congratulations – I can tell you from experience this is a lifestyle that is enjoyed as days, weeks, months and years go by. The results are in the discipline of staying true to the whole good plant based lifestyle. I have been a Vegan for over a year now and the results are incredible – my whole life improved and it really did take a full year to lay down the discipline as a new habit – we have no animals products in our home and we have, all 4 in my family, seen significant results from serious weight loss to improved mental clarity. The animal situation comes into vision as you go along but first do it for your own body and the longer you go the more you see and the more you see the more you stay true. Have fun and enjoy it all – you will move from now to wow.

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement. So far I feel wonderful, both physically and mentally. Before I thought not eating meat will be difficult, and I will miss it. But strangely I don’t miss it at all. Also I love cooking with plant based food so much more. Preparation and cleaning up is so much easier, too. Really happy I made the switch.

  8. Good luck on your vegan journey! I’m sure you will find it to be a very rewarding and happy one 🙂 I’m really enjoying your blog! Asian flavors and food are my favorite so it’s awesome when I can find delicious vegan asian recipes !

  9. Thanks for your comments and likes on my blog! I really love your asian vegan dishes. Here in Australia we have heaps of different asian cuisines but it is hard to find vegan dishes out. Usually the vegetarian section of the menu is vegetables with pork lol. I love asian food so its nice to see your take on a vegan way of doing it!
    Im new to vegan as well. Ive been trying out dairy free stuff for a while but this is the first time ive fully commited to cut the meat. How are you finding cutting out eggs and seafood? These are two things I miss. Do you find it hard explaining to your friends that you don’t eat meat? Mine don’t seem to get it yet.

    1. Pork is vegetarian in Australia? That’s funny. It’s actually quite easy to go vegan with Asian dishes because we almost never use dairy (except eggs). There’s no cheese, no milk and that sort of things in Asian recipes. I can easily replace meat with more veggies, or those “fake” meats. It is not easy when going out to eat with friends or family because Asian food is meant to be enjoyed family style, meaning everybody share food. I usually just order one vegetarian/vegan dish for myself, but I would still eat the veggies in meat dishes that other people order. My husband still eat chicken and seafood. But he has been really supportive. I only cook vegan dishes at home, and he doesn’t complain. 🙂

  10. Congrats on your decision!! Always happy to see another join the ranks, I think it’s a much healthier lifestyle. I’m a pescatarian, I do eat seafood, I have a iron deficiency and am severely anemic so my doctor strongly discouraged me going completely vegan, though I don’t see how eating fish occasionally really helps with the iron and anemia issues. That’s what iron is for lol. I have lived a holistic lifestyle most of my adult life, since my earning my master’s in ’95. I too have a BS in Psychology and love animals. I would suggest that you always continue to try new veggies and fruits, I am always amazed at the fruits and veggies that I tend to forget about. And remember you can get that protein from a variety of nuts. Enjoy your journey!!

    1. haha we have so much in common! I’m still somewhat pescatarian.
      I find it easier to become vegan gradually.
      So far I’ve successfully cut out all meat in my diet after 3 months.
      Then it’s seafood. Then diary.
      But I’ve made a rule that I only cook vegan food at home.
      When I eat out, then pescatarian for now.
      Still working on being vegan…. And I know one day I will be one.

  11. Congratulations! Welcome to the bright side! I was vegetarian for 10 years and two years ago made the transition to veganism. I truly haven’t looked back. I agree – there is no difference between dogs/cats and cows/pigs, or any other animal for that matter. I think with plenty of education and patience you will be so happy. I became acutely aware of how much suffering I was causing, both directly and indirectly and being vegan made it possible to feel compassion for all beings (humans included.) I recommend and her book “The Kind Diet”. This was the first vegan book I bought and read it cover to cover. I loved it. It helped me verbalize everything I felt about my effect on this planet. Find what works for you – try all the substitutes if you think that will help. I personally try to eat as little processed food as possible. Enjoy it. Being vegan has been the best decision I ever made. I am happy, healthy, and there is no monstrous weight on my shoulders any longer. I’m no expert but I am happy to share my experiences, advice, knowledge, etc. And just chat!

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement, Lacey! I read The Kind Life when the book first came out a few years back. Actually tried to be vegan after reading the book, but I think that only lasted a few days. I did feel guilty eating animals, but then I tried to block that emotion out. Not this time. This time I want to be conscious and aware. I want to feel compassion for all beings just like you said. I know I made a great decision, and I am so happy that there are so many supportive and nice vegan people out there! 🙂

  12. Lovely post, thank you. It’s funny that non-vegans (as most of us once were) find the transition to veganism so daunting because once you’re in it, it feels so right, so natural and we ask ourselves – why did I wait so long? I found a great post the other day, on the blog ‘there’s vegan in it’, comparing going vegan to getting out of the Matrix – – take a look I think you’ll like it. 🙂

    PS my favourite vegan cafe in Brighton is called ‘The Loving Hut’ – fantastic food, lovely people – run by an Asian family from Hong Kong (I think). It’s brilliant to be able to order anything you like on the menu without first asking what’s in it!

    1. Oh I read that article and love it! That is a brilliant comparison! I definitely feel related to that “why did I wait so long” feeling! Really glad I made the decision. 🙂

      I haven’t found a favorite Asian vegan restaurant in my area yet. So I just make my own food at home. I think I’ve become a better cook because of that. haha….

  13. I gave up meat last June. I did it for health reasons, but I find myself more and more compassionate toward animals. I’m always looking for recipes that my omnivore family will eat so I’ll be sure to try some of yours. Thanks for visiting my post.

  14. I followed a vegetarian for two years after watching a movie on slaughter houses and conventional farming. But after doing a farm tour for local organic farms I realized I could make more humane decisions. But I still see the appeal of going vegan. Some of my friends have done it and love it.

    1. A friend went to a “meat cooking & bbq” one week long seminar in Texas. He posted pictures on their slaughter house tour on Facebook. It made me cry when I saw those pictures. But the seminar goers were all smiling and posing with those poor dead and bloody animals. I just don’t understand how people can actually watch the killing, then still find their food enjoyable.

  15. Thanks for the likes on my recipes I am semi-vegan, working on it just like you. No question that I like the taste of meat, but I can live without it as well. My real stopper is dairy food: My favorite food is cheese in any way shape or form.

    I am also an enthusiastic convert to Asian food, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai–and I feel lucky to live in a city where these are all readily available. So I will be back here often to check out your recipes.

    1. I liked the taste of meat before. Then after I stop eating meat for about 2 months, I went out to eat with my family. We had pork siu mai on the table, and that used to be my favorite dim sum item. I really really wanted to have one. I gave in to my wants, and decided to have one. I took a bite, and it wasn’t that delicious flavor I remember. I took another bite, and it seriously had that farm animal smell and taste. That was the very last time I had meat. I don’t think I like the taste of meat anymore.

      I love Asian food. In fact, I can’t live without it. haha….

  16. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Becoming vegan was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’m so excited you’ve decided to be vegan as well. I feel like I’m living a life that is much more consistent with my values and I just feel filled with joy! I’m looking forward to trying some of your recipe ideas!

  17. hello! i’ve been a vegetarian for 26 years, since my aunt died from cancer and my mom thought she was saving us all from the same fate by cutting meat out of our diet. i resented it as a kid, but i never truly went back to eating meat. i remember rebelling for a short period by eating chicken, but it was short lived, and i turned right around. i even decided to become a vegan all on my own. i raised three children that way as well. i hear people tell me all the time that they could never be a vegan because of all the found they would have to “give up”. i guess i never see it as a sacrifice. nothing that has a face or a baby is a food group, so i never feel a pang when i am passing up ham. honestly, i don’t know what it tastes like anymore anyway.

    it’s a great journey to be on. my husband wasn’t a vegan or even a vegetarian when we met. i didn’t ask him to be. i didn’t expect him to be. he made the decision to “switch over” about five years ago, though, and he’s never looked back.

    it isn’t about giving up the things you love. you can still eat the foods you love. my husband is latino and loves a lot of traditional foods like empanadas and tamales — known as much for being stuffed with meat as cheese. we have found ways to “veganize” them, and enjoy them just the same. i’m irish, and our food is generally gross, so i’ve wanted for nothing. cabbage… still on the menu. 🙂

    1. I love your comment! Thank you so much for the encouraging words. Trying to “veganize” the food I love is exactly why I started this blog. My husband still eats meat. But he also loves the vegan meals I cook at home. He already took the first step and gave up beef, pork and lamb. He often tells me when he eats really tasty vegan meal, he doesn’t miss the meat at all. In fact, he feels lighter and better. I hope one day we can both convert to 100% vegan! 🙂

  18. I have been vegan for a couple of years and I really thought it was quite an easy transition after being vegetarian for 3 years. The scariest thing to give up for me was… CHEESE!
    If there is any way that I can help you, even just for moral support, let me know, I would gladly assist in any way possible for you to be 100% vegan and stay 100% vegan.

    BTW, this offer goes out to anyone else that wants to try going vegan.

      1. I forced myself to watch a couple of the videos available on the web that shows you the terrible cruelty at dairy farms. That did the trick for me.

        At first, I tried to find a good fake-cheese, but there are a lot of really bad ones out there and the great tasting ones are quite expensive, very high in fat and have quite a lot of chemicals in them.

        For stuff like pizzas, I just replaced cheese with avocado (actually I use avo for lots of cheese replacements). Now, I am so used to not have “cheesy” food that I find it quite odd watching people add cheese to food. You just have to give it time.

  19. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my (very new 🙂 ) blog. I just want to reassure you that it is possible to have a healthy vegan pregnancy and raise healthy vegan children. I’ve done it 4 times! And, I promise, my kids don’t have 2 heads!
    One of our favourite vegan restaurants is a Taiwanese restaurant. The food is awesome! So, I will definitely enjoy looking around your blog at your delicious food.
    Great to ‘meet’ you!

    1. I’m so happy to meet you, Ally! My husband and I are trying to conceive. After trying for a few month, I finally got pregnant after going vegan! Unfortunately, I miscarried in the very early stage. We are staying positive. At least we know we can get pregnant. Hopefully we will have a great and healthy vegan pregnancy soon!

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