Liang’s Kitchen – Family Style Cold Noodle

Coworkers decided to get take out from Liang’s Kitchen (梁媽媽家眷村料理) for lunch today. I called the restaurant to ask if they have any vegan dishes. They only have two vegetarian/vegan dishes: Family Style Cold Noodle (眷村涼麵) and Sesame Sauce Dry Noodle (眷村旦旦麵).

I had their Sesame Sauce Dry Noodle, a.k.a. Dan Dan Noodle before. I thought the noodle was really soggy, and the sauce lack flavor. So today I wanted to try their Family Style Cold Noodle. It sounded especially good on a hot day like today. (It was 95 degrees today here in Southern Cali!)

Family Style Cold Noodle (眷村涼麵)
Family Style Cold Noodle (眷村涼麵) ($5.00)

The cold noodle came with julienned cucumber and crushed peanuts on top.

Family Style Cold Noodle (眷村涼麵) Sauces
Cold Noodle Sauces: Sesame Sauce, Garlic Sauce & Chili Oil

There were three sauces that you could add to the cold noodle to your own taste: sesame sauce, garlic sauce and chili oil. I just added everything to my noodle.

Family Style Cold Noodle (眷村涼麵)
Family Style Cold Noodle (眷村涼麵)

Mix everything together, and enjoy!

How do I like the Family Style Cold Noodle from Liang’s Kitchen? Honestly, not much. The noodle, again, was overcooked and way too soft for my taste. There were barely any cucumber. The sauce was alright. And for what it was, $5 seemed a bit overpriced.

My all time favorite cold noodle is from a cold noodle specialty restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan called Chen’s Cold Noodle (陳家涼麵). They only have two items on their menu: cold noodle and soup. The tiny restaurant is open 24 hours, and the place is always full any time of the day. If you have a chance to visit Taipei, definitely try this place.

Have you tried Chinese cold noodle before? Do you have a favorite place to get cold noodle? Do you have a good recipe to share with me? I am planning to make my own Taiwanese style cold noodle this weekend!


6 thoughts on “Liang’s Kitchen – Family Style Cold Noodle

  1. I love the idea of a restaurant having only two choices on their menu. And then, if they are healthy, there’s no temptation to make a bad choice. (I’m enjoying reading your blog and am looking forward to trying your recipes.)

    1. Wow really?! Honestly I thought their food is just ok. But you never know. New York branch might make better food than the Irvine one I went to.

  2. I didn’t like Liang Mama Kitchen. Food wasn’t very good for the price, and they are stingy with the toppings. Also since I can’t eat gluten (I envy you Eileen), I ask them to please substitute with mung bean noodles, and they did it, but wasn’t happy about it. I think you can make this noodle at home soooo easily esp. now you are vegetarian.

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