Thuyen Vien’s Royal Noodle Soup

I was in Disneyland area for some errands. It was around 2pm and I was starving. I did a quick search on the Yelp app on my phone and found Thuyen Vien. It’s a small family owned Vietnamese vegan restaurant. The owner was very nice and friendly. He found out it was my first time at the restaurant, and made some great suggestions on what to order.

Royal Noodle Soup ($6.50)
Royal Noodle Soup ($6.50)

I told the owner I like spicy food, and he recommended their Royal Noodle Soup. This is the vegan version of Bun Bo Hue, Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup. The vegan version was made with different types of mushroom and vegan beef slices. The soup was spicy and very flavorful. I love the slippery round rice noodle in the soup. I finished the bowl, every drop of it! Absolutely the best bun bo hue ever!!

French Coffee ($2.50)
French Coffee ($2.50)

I also got a glass of iced French coffee. The owner assured me it was vegan and no dairy was used. It tasted just like the original Vietnamese style coffee made with condensed milk. Perfect!

Soy Chicken Garlic with Special Sauce ($6.95)
Soy Chicken Garlic with Special Sauce ($6.95)

As I was sitting there having lunch, I noticed EVERYONE ordered Soy Chicken Garlic. I was curious, and asked for an order for to-go. The sauce was tangy and sweet, kinda like orange chicken, but with garlic. It was tasty, and great with rice. But I thought the portion was small for the price.

I really like Thuyen Vien, and wish I live a lot closer. If I could I would go everyday and try everything on their menu. Definitely will be back again when I’m in the area.


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