I am your what?

Today’s post isn’t about food. It’s about my silly husband.

A co-worker told me that her boyfriend said she is his unicorn because unicorn is rare and beautiful. So I told my husband the story, and ask him “what about me? I am your what?”

Husband: Uh… you are my cat?
Me: No. Cat is everywhere.
H: You are my cougar?
M: Are you saying I’m old?
H: You are my leopard?
M: No. I don’t want to be a regular animal. I want to be a mythical creature, like unicorn.
H: (After careful thinking for a minute) I know. You are my Cyclops.
M: What? Cyclops? The one eye monster? No! Why can’t you think of something prettier, like fairy or mermaid?
H: You don’t even know how to swim. How can you be a mermaid?
M: Fine. But I have more than one eye.
H: Ok then… You are my spider? Spider has 8 eyes.
M: No.
H: Oh I know. You are my honey bee.
M: Everybody says that.
H: You are my ladybug?
M: Everybody says that, too.
H: You are my ant?
M: Can I not be an insect, please?
H: Ok. You are my centipede. Centipede is not an insect. Have you ever seen an centipede in real life?
M: No, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one.
H: See? They are really rare!
M: No no no! I don’t want to be a centipede.
H: Oh I know I know. You are my bobcat.
(We just had a bobcat sighting near our house.)
M: Hmmm… bobcat is kinda cute. But I don’t think they are that rare.
H: That’s exactly you… not too rare, but cute.
M: Huh???
H: Ok so here are your choices. Do you want to be my cyclops, centipede, or bobcat? I have a feeling you’ll take bobcat.
M: I guess. Fine. I pick bobcat.

So I am my husband’s bobcat now. Yay! 😛


24 thoughts on “I am your what?

  1. I love this exchange—it sounds exactly how my wife and I would talk. Great stuff. Also, on a delicious note your recipes look incredible. We will definitely be trying some of them. Wonderful job.

    1. Haha I love having those random yet funny conversation with my hubby. I’m sure you and your wifey feel the same way. Let me know if you get a chance to try my recipes.

  2. I LOL’d!! My honey is my Teddy Bear and I’m his Cutie Pie…I know, it’s common, but oh well. I’m just glad he still thinks I’m cute… and loves my cooking!!

  3. My wife has learned to save me the trouble of guessing and gives me the answer she’s looking for right up front. This saves me from (a) disappointing her yet again and (b) whimpering in the doghouse, wondering what I should have said. What this lacks in spontaneity and surprise, it more than makes up for in conflict avoidance.

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