Boiling Point’s Tomato Veggie Hot Soup

Tomato Veggie Hot Soup (番茄蔬菜鍋) ($11.99)
Tomato Veggie Hot Soup (番茄蔬菜鍋) ($11.99)

Boiling Point (沸點臭臭鍋)  is my favorite Taiwanese individual hot pot restaurant when I was a meat eater. Their most popular hot pot is the stinky tofu hot soup. Stinky tofu, like its name, is stinky. It’s kinda like those stinky cheeses. It smells bad, but tastes really good. But if you are new to stinky tofu, you might have the same reaction as Andrew Zimmern:

The first time my husband walked into a Taiwanese restaurant that served stinky tofu, he kept on looking down under the table. I asked him what he was doing. He said, “Did I step on dog doodoo? Or did you?” haha….

Since I am trying to go vegan now, I can’t order the stinky tofu hot pot with pork, pork blood and pork intestine anymore. I opted for their Tomato Veggie Hot Soup, which has a vegan version with no meat and vegan soup base. (That option is written in Chinese on the menu.)

The hot soup came on a personal stove in an iron pot. You can pick how spicy you want the soup to be. I always get medium spicy, and trust me, that is very spicy already.

Glass Noodle (粉絲)
Glass Noodle (粉絲)

You also get to pick if you want rice or glass noodle (which is made of green beans) to go with your hot pot. I asked for glass noodle.

Inside the hot pot there were napa cabbage, enoki mushroom, oyster mushroom, corn, string beans, lotus root, tofu, tofu skin, and tomatoes. I LOVE everything in this pot. And the spicy soup was super tasty.

Don’t forget to add the glass noodle when the soup was hot to cook it. Oh and I didn’t take picture, but there are 3 different dipping sauces on the table: garlic thick soy sauce, garlic chili sauce, and hot chili oil. I like to mix all three together, and dip my food in it before I put it in my mouth.

Green Tea with Chia Seeds (綠茶加山粉圓) ($3.45)
Green Tea with Chia Seeds (綠茶加山粉圓) ($3.45)

Because the soup is hot and spicy, almost everyone orders a cold drink to go with it. We ordered 2 green tea with chia seeds.

In Taiwan, chia seeds are called “frog eggs”. They do look like frog eggs! Boiling Point called them basil seeds on their menu though. I love those crunchy little things. Chia seeds are rich in omega 3 and can reduce blood pressure. I love the crunchy + slimy texture.

Did I mention I really love my tomato veggie hot pot?

By the way, who have tried stinky tofu before?


8 thoughts on “Boiling Point’s Tomato Veggie Hot Soup

  1. Your blog looks fantastic. I’m going to have to try out all of the recipes on it!

    I regret to say that while I’ve had many opportunities to try stinky tofu, I was never able to make myself get close enough to it to taste it.

    1. hahahaha You’re so funny. So you were in China for a whole year? I will have to read about your wonderful experience on your blog. 🙂

    1. This video makes me laugh too. Andrew Zimmern can eat anything, except Taiwanese stinky tofu. It’s just epic. But I give him props for trying.

      Hope one day you get to try it also. 😛

    1. We have a lot of “boba” shops in California because the Asian population is pretty dense here. In those boba shops, you can get a variety of teas, and add a variety “things” to your drink. The most popular added item is “boba”. Those are small tapioca balls. It’s tasty but doesn’t really have any nutritional values. My favorite things to add are chia seeds and aloe. They taste great, and are good for you. You can try to make your own at home. 🙂

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