Sinister and Stomp

This past weekend was a “show” weekend.

I love horror movies. Halloween time is my favorite horror film season. On Friday night, we watched Sinister. Man, this movie was creepy, eerie, and scary. Definitely the most scary movie I’ve seen this year. Ethan Hawk is a great actor. If you like this sort of film, I highly recommend it.

On Sunday night, we watched Stomp. I actually saw Stomp about 10 years ago in Taiwan. It was great to watch the show again. We also went to the pre-show activity. We all got to pick an “instrument” and play “music” with other guests. Hubby and I was on the big trash can. I had so much fun and couldn’t stop giggling the whole time. The show is very entertaining and quite funny. It’s a great off-Broadway show to take the entire family to.

What good movies have you watched lately?


3 thoughts on “Sinister and Stomp

  1. I love to read the plot summary (with spoilers) of scary movies. I can’t handle the visuals and music in horror films. I am a big whip when it comes to scary stuff, however I love the twists and turns of those kinds of stories. Which is why I love to read about them, but not watch them! lol

    1. haha Then you definitely will not enjoy watching Sinister, but probably will have fun reading about it though. This movie was so scary that during part of the movie, my husband told me I always ripped his arm off, and I didn’t even realize I was grabbing him that tight.

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