I guess my husband’s pretty funny. But my mommy is probably funnier. Because she doesn’t even try to be funny, and she’s already super funny.

My family moved to USA from Taiwan so English is our second language. My mom can speak easy conversational English, but sometimes she makes errors…. really funny (but cute) errors.

My mom was a volunteer yoga teacher at a Chinese Buddhist temple. The yoga class is free, but the temple takes donations if the students would like to contribute. Usually the yoga students are Chinese. So my mom would make the announcement about the donation in Chinese in the beginning of the class.

One day, a Caucasian student showed up. So my mom would have to make the announcement in English. She thought really hard about how to say everything, and tried to remember the word “donation” in English.

Finally she had it all figured out. With great confidence, she made the announcement:

“Welcome to my yoga class. Today’s class is free. But if you want to, we will take “DONUTS” after class. Thank you.”

There was a moment of silence in the class….. Then everyone burst into laughter. A student came to rescue and helped my mom to correct her announcement. Since then, my mom always remember it’s “donations”, not “donuts”.


12 thoughts on “Donations?

  1. Personally, I’d pass on the donuts, but some folks would probably think that’s a good donation! I make the same sorts of mistakes in French, which I realize it makes me feel dumb. I’m eternally grateful for the patience shown to me by French speakers.

  2. Hahaha…Your mom sounds a hoot! English is my first language, but,I often make mistakes too, using Spanish when I’m supposed to speak English and vice versa…. Thanks for liking Pepita Seasoning#2, by the way and feel free to visit again! Much appreciated!

  3. Someone once told me that when she tried to speak another language, the words were “all in a blender!” Kudos to your mom for teaching and trying. 🙂

    I enjoy your blog!

    1. Oh I totally understand that “all in a blender” feeling since I also learned English when I moved here in USA. I still get confused with words, and made a lot of people (especially my husband) laugh with my mistakes. But we gotta make mistakes to correct them, right? 🙂

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