Spicy City’s Szechuan Cold Appetizers

Spicy City is a Szechuan Chinese restaurant. They have a cold appetizer food station. You can pick any 3 items for $6.95. I wasn’t too hungry for lunch that day and just wanted something light. So I decided to just have the cold appetizer for lunch.

Potato | Seaweed | Bean Curd ($6.95)
Potato | Seaweed | Bean Curd ($6.95)

They only have three vegetarian options at the food station that day. Potato, seaweed, and bean curd. It might look like it in the picture, but all three items were really oily. The only item I somewhat liked was the seaweed. Everything else lack taste. All I tasted was oil in my mouth.

Mung Bean Thick Noodle with Spicy Chili Sauce ($3.00)
Mung Bean Thick Noodle with Spicy Chili Sauce ($3.00)

I saw the mung bean thick noodle at the appetizer station as well. The lady told me it is not one of the item I can pick for the 3 items combo. She told me it is really good and I should give it a try. I took her words and paid $3.

Again, the sauce was really oily. It was pretty much all chili oil. Besides the spiciness, it doesn’t have much flavor at all. I didn’t finish the noodle. The chewy noodle turned really soggy and gross the next day and it was inedible.

I have the same conclusion every time after eating at Spicy City: “Food is bad. Service is bad. I won’t come back again.” Yet, I go back once in awhile and come to the same conclusion. Sign….


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