Purple Yam Multigrain Drink and Oatmeal Drink

I found some really interesting drinks at Chinese 99 Ranch Market.

Purple Yam Multigrain Drink
Purple Yam Multigrain Drink

The first one is purple yam multigrain drink. It has a beautiful purple color, and the consistency is pretty thick. It tastes just like yam! On the package, it stated that this drink has a lot of fiber, and is good for digestion.

Oatmeal Drink
Oatmeal Drink

The other one is oatmeal drink. The only two ingredients are oatmeal and water. Without any sugar, it still tastes a bit sweet. I like this one a lot also.

I love exploring ethnic market and try interesting food and drink that I’ve never had before. Have you tried any new food/drink lately?


5 thoughts on “Purple Yam Multigrain Drink and Oatmeal Drink

  1. I looove eating purple yam, never thought it could be turned into a drink, wow! Great to see sugar-free options, Eileen, here only from Oz or Europe and super expensive, sadly organic is.

      1. Oh wait, I looked it up, I confused it with Taro. I didn’t know about purple yam and now I do 🙂 I meant sugar free oat milk (or soy) is only organic here, every affordable thing has sugar (which I’m allergic to now).

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