Poor Teddy Had Anaphylactic Shock from Vaccine

We had a very scary and stressful weekend. On Sunday morning, we took our dogs Teddy and Twinkle to get their yearly DHP+parvo vaccine. After that, we almost lost Teddy.

After getting their vaccination, we took them to the dog park. Teddy vomited in the car right after. Then when we let him out of the car, he had diarrhea. Normally he gets so excited at the dog park. He likes to run around and play with every dog. But that day, he couldn’t even walk. He just laid down on the grass, and showed no interest in playing. Twinkle, on the other hand, was absolutely normal and very playful.

Seeing Teddy acting weird, we immediately took them home. Soon after we got home, Teddy throw up again. I called the vaccine clinic and informed them the symptoms. The lady just told me that it sounds like normal vaccine reaction. But if I’m truly worried, I can take him to go see a doctor. Then Teddy threw up 6 more times after that within 30 minutes. Not only that, he started breathing rapidly, and his gum was turning pale.

We knew we had to take him to the hospital right away. Our normal vet is not open on Sunday, so we took him to an emergency animal hospital. When we got there, they didn’t even have to time to have us fill out the paperwork first. They immediately took Teddy back to start treatment right away. 

Turned out that Teddy developed anaphylactic shock from the vaccine. If we didn’t take him to the hospital as fast as we did, we could lose him.

Teddy stayed at the hospital overnight. They updated us at night time that Teddy was recovering well. We went to pick him up at 5:30am this morning. He was acting normal again. But by 7am, his eyes and lips became swollen, and he kept on scratching his face. I took him to our regular vet. She gave Teddy a Benadryl injection, and the swelling went away.

Now it’s 6:30pm. Teddy seems happy as he always is. I am so thankful for the doctors and staffs at the emergency hospital for treating Teddy and brought him back to his health.

Teddy & Twinkle
Teddy & Twinkle

Teddy and Twinkle are so happy to see each other. They are just sticking together all day long today. Phew…. what a scary experience. Really really happy that both Teddy and Twinkle are doing great now.

P.S. So glad we have pet insurance! I would highly recommend everyone to get pet insurance if you have dogs or cats. The vet bills came out to be around $1,300. With our pet insurance, I only had to pay $200 deductible, and everything else should be covered 100%. I’ll write a post about our pet insurance and our experience with them shortly if anyone is interested.


19 thoughts on “Poor Teddy Had Anaphylactic Shock from Vaccine

  1. Once your dog had been vaccinated up to a year, no more need to vaccinate any more! Only rabies as required by law! Vaccinations are a HUGE rip off! They are a money makes for vet clinics. Studies show they last years or even a lifetime! Do some research on it. I am not a vet so you must do your own homework on vaccines.

  2. I’m happy he’s ok, they are gorgeous dogs! We also found pet insurance was a big advantage with our little boy. Especially after the vets don’t know what was wrong with him and did heaps of expensive tests. Our vet said many people have to put their dogs down because they can’t afford when something goes wrong. What breed are your dogs?

    1. Sadly I heard that people have to put their pets to sleep because they can’t afford the bills, too. Years ago, my cat Strawberry got sick all of a sudden. I ended up spending over $5,000 in one week trying to save her life. Sadly she passed away. I knew I want to get pet insurance after that. When we got our rescued puppies Teddy and Twinkle, we immediately purchased pet insurance. Just two days after that, Teddy accidentally got foxtail stuck in his nose from a walk in the park. Removing the foxtail cost $900. So glad I have pet insurance. When Twinkle was about 8 months old, she started walking with a limp. We went to 3 different doctors. Did a lot of x-rays and examination. Every doctor has a different diagnosis. She was on different medications, but didn’t get better. Finally we found out she has genetic hip dyspepsia. With all the doctor visits, exams, treatment, and now a surgery, we spent more than $4000. Again, really really glad we have pet insurance. And this time, phew…. so glad.

      We are not completely sure what breed they are since they are rescued dogs. Someone found the whole litter of abandoned puppies in a parking lot. So sad. We took both Teddy and Twinkle home from the same litter because the rescue group workers told us they are best friends. We think they might be chihuahua and papillon mix. They are the sweetest dogs in the world!

  3. Scary. So sorry. Your dogs are so cute. Maybe keep some liquid Benadryl around the house just in case something like that happens again. We keep it around for the humans in our house after a friend was told that the Benadryl he took at home, before heading to the emergency room, saved his life. He had an allergic reaction to some ibuprofen he had taken.

    1. Thank you. They are indeed so cute. haha…. Sorry I just can’t be modest when it comes to Teddy and Twinkle.

      The doctor actually advice us to keep an EpiPen in the house just in case. I haven’t gotten one. But I think I might get some liquid benedryl just in case… for both the puppies and us. 🙂

  4. Oh poor Teddy! I’m so glad to hear he is recovering now! (they are so cute!)

    I also recommend reading about booster vaccines – a lot of evidence suggest that they shouldn’t need any further boosters after their initial shots. This was a website I was directed towards when we adopted Vulpe, by the adoption agency: http://www.canine-health-concern.org.uk/

    I believe you can request ‘titers’ from the vet which are essentially blood tests to see if the initial vaccine is still working – they should work for many many years!

    Best wishes to Teddy anyway, and I hope he continues to get better 🙂

    1. Are you a vet? haha… because the vet at the emergency hospital told us EXACTLY the same thing… about the unnecessary vaccine boosters and the “titers” testing in the future if we are worried. He told us, “what are the chances of them getting distemper or parvo? Comparing to getting vaccines every year and might have this kind of reaction happens? I think they are better off just not getting those unnecessary boosters ever again.” We agree!

      1. Hehe, I’m not a vet but I did a lot of reading about it when we adopted our pup 🙂 Sadly there is a lot going on in the vet industry that I think is more about making money than doing what’s best for the pets 😦 I’m so glad Teddy is ok though, they are both adorable!

  5. It’s horrible when your pets get sick! Pet insurance is probably the bet thing that ever happened to pet owners. My boston terrier, Wylson, had a similar experience last year. I’m so glad that Teddy’s a healthy and happy dog again! I hate it when bad things happen to animals. Sending good vibes your way! (:

    1. He seems to be 100% already! Full of energy, sweet and mushy, loves to play with other dogs, and is ready to eat ANYTHING ANYTIME! But we have to take him back to the vet on Monday for a follow up to check to see if his liver enzyme level is back to normal to be sure if he recovers 100%. *fingers crossed*

  6. OMG please write about the insurance. My dog’s name is Teddy too and he’s a 4 year old yorkie and I want to get pet insurance for him but with all the choices available, I’m not sure what to choose!!

    – Jenn

  7. Hi, I am a first time dog owner and just adopted a 4 yr old Havanese mix from the Humane Society. I also want to learn more about the pet insurance from other pet owners. There are so many choices, and it’s hard to pick one. I went to PetSmart and check out the Banfield Wellness Plans. It also sounds like a very good plan, especially they open on Sunday. You pay the monthly fee and your pet got unlimited visit and other services from the plan. Can you give me some suggestion? Thanks!

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