Whole Foods Market’s Vegetable Fun Noodle Soup

A new Whole Foods Market just opened near our house. Husband and I decided to go have dinner in their food court, and do grocery shopping afterward.

Our dinner was from the Asian food court section. I ordered the Vegetable Fun Noodle Soup.

Vegetable Fun Noodle Soup
Vegetable Fun Noodle Soup

My vegetable fun noodle soup bowl came with so much bok choy, napa cabbage and bean sprouts. The broth tasted very simple and clean.

The noodle they used was rice noodle. It was tasty. I felt quite healthy and full after eating half a bowl.

My weirdo husband always have to wear eye protection when he eats food with soup. He said he had a bad experience of hot soup splattered into his eyes when he was young. I always tell him that I hate it when he wear sunglasses in a restaurant, especially at night time. He just looks so stupid. So what does he do? He went out and bought some clear eye goggles! What a dork!!

I like my veggie noodle soup. Dr. P thought the noodle soup he had at another location was way better. I kinda agree. But it’s good to have a Whole Foods near our house now.


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