Anne’s Baby Shower

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I attended my friend Anne’s baby shower. It was a potluck party. Here are the yummy food I ate that day.

I made veggie chow mein. It was a hit with the kids. haha…. Friends made hummus, salsa, Vietnamese tofu spring rolls, and spicy macaroni. The cupcake wasn’t vegan, but it sure was cute.

One game we played was making babies with ballons. My god it was hard! Now I have more respect for balloon artists!

More games we played…. (1) Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me now! (2) Pretending to be ninja turtles and feeding each other apple sauce. (3) Down it!

It was such a fun day with the girls. I know these girls for 20+ years!! So crazy how time just goes by like that.

Can’t wait to meet Anne’s little man. Congratulation!!


6 thoughts on “Anne’s Baby Shower

  1. Another great idea you gave me with the tofu spring rolls! I loooove tofu tooo much I think. My biggest challenge is in how to get my nieces and nephews to eat vegan … for them if it ain’t got chicken it’s a no go. I’ve never tried to entice them with tofu … worth a try. Tweeting this now 🙂

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